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Achieve your targets with 6 levels and 4 pillars/each, one brick at a time!

GOSMRT offers you simple tools and guides you through your journey from ideation to validation to marketing to start selling your product and supporting you to build a successful business.


Save your time and money by learning from an expert who has done it before. 

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Get organized, never miss a thing, access the best tools that help you build your dream.


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  1. When others go crazy you can go smart with a platform that connects you with others who had learnd from their mistakes so you can avoid making the same.
  2. Offer your idea in a form a product or service and create the Value Proposition, Discover Customer Segments, Profile, Journey and Addressable Market.
  3. REACH your Customer with a unique Business Model, Solid Branding, With lots of Marketing, Sales strategy through sales channels.

Anybody who has an idea or strated implementing his/her ideas and want to learn from others' mistakes, know how and where to start from, taking shortcuts to achieve more in less time.

Using GOSMRT public services will cost you absolutely nothing, just try to utilize the assets and resources as much as they can help you achieving your goals.

As long as you are in business and feel comfortable having your strategies, plans, information, actions and checklists kept organized and maintained in a structured way allowing you to stay focused.

You can choose to export or backup your GOSMRT project into a business plan document so you can submit it to potential investors or local authorities whenever needed in a PDF or Word doc. formats .

Visit the community section, through your question or inquiry in a post and wait for active members to answer you.
You can select to privately ask for help from a listed adviser by granting a limited access to overlook your project.

You can invite co-worker to work and edit your project by choosing "Invite" from the project controls, GOSMRT will send an email invite instantly.
Remember, the invitee can only view/edit the project you invite to.

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